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wedding——My Roomate's Big Thing

By CaiZhao on May 17, 2017

掬水月在手 弄花香满衣


Time would heal almost all wounds. If your wounds have not been healed up, please wait for a short while.

朝从紫禁归,暮出青门去。勿言城东陌,便是江南路。 扬鞭簇车马,挥手辞亲故。我生本无乡,心安是归处。


相信远方的风景,远方便 有风景。














  1. 不论平地与山尖,无限风光尽被占。
  2. 采得百花成蜜后
  3. 为谁辛苦为谁甜。

There's a difference between "love" and "like". If you like a flower you will pick it, but if you love a flower, you will water it every day.


No need to have a reason to love you. Anything can be a reason not to love you.


Never think hard about past. It brings tears… Don’t think more about future.Itbringsfears… Live this moment with a smile. It brings cheers.