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No matter wahat problems I'm going to encounter! Just fight!

By CaiZhao on May 1, 2019


2019年5月份,在等待csc的结果的煎熬之中,选择了进行我们7年之前未能完成的flag——骑车环太湖。这次我们做到了,历时两天半,完成了150公里左右的骑行。 虽然现在得知自己的csc并没有得中,但是岁月悠长,未来的胜负不是一盘棋局可以改变的,未来还有很长的路要走,加油!

Just cher up, This is just one time lose, which cannot represent my whole life. Tomorrow is waitting for me to fight. Improve myself everyday, I will find the difference in the future.

每一处的海 都是我的海 我坚信它们在某一处 汇入贯通 储存了我的很多情绪和过往 又默不作声


The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.


We laughed and kept saying"see u soon",but inside we both knew we'd never see each other again.












  1. 死生契阔,与子成说
  2. 执子之手
  3. 与子偕老。

Sometimes, we need a little tears to clear the mist in our eyes, a little assurance to clear the doubts in our head, a little hug to nurse our aching heart.


When life give you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.


When I wake up every morning, the greatest joy is gazing upon you and sunshine, that is the future I desire.